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Aoki and Mouf

While snapping pics at Castle Hill I see a bearded 30-something in an Obey jacket walks up with a dog, a paint bucket, a roll brush and a basket of spray paint bottles. He looks like he knows something about street art so I strike up a conversation and he tells me about all the big “writers” in the Austin area and the ones that have passed through and left their mark on Castle Hill. I realized that, considering his knowledge and the collection of paint he’s toting, he might be among the artists he had just named, so I asked him his street name and if he has any pieces at Castle Hill. He tells me to call him “Mouf” and starts claiming the most impressive pieces there as his. He works with another street artist called Lucas Aoki so they are the first two artists I’d like to feature from my visit to Castle Hill.

Location: 11th and Baylor St.