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Castle Hill: Street Art Mecca

I went to Einstein’s the other day at 12th and Lamar, but couldn’t find a parking spot so I had to do some driving around. I ended up going up 11th to Baylor St…all I wanted was a place to park but I got so much more. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had stumbled upon the biggest collection of street art in Austin. In front of the castle on the hill, which by the way is owned by Dick Clark Architecture, sits the foundation of an abandoned condo project. Once referred to as “the Foundation” this site is now officially called “The Hope Outdoor Gallery Project.” Amazing¬†graffiti¬†by well-known “writers” such as Shepard Fairey (who created all the Obey images and Obama’s Hope poster) and Jasone.Co covers every inch of the multi-tiered concrete walls. I plan to dedicate the next few posts to featuring some of the artists and their pieces.



Photo by Crystal Ashmore

Location: 11th and Baylor St.