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give up

Anyone know where this piece is so I can add it to the map?

Photo by o texano via Flickr

You may have seen this artist’s other stuff around town like this:

It looks like he has his own blog:



The other piece that I used for my banner is from the Art City Austin festival held every year in April by Art Alliance Austin in the 2nd Street district near Austin City Hall (from Lavaca all the way to Lamar). In 2013 it’ll take place on April 13th and 14th.


’til death do us p(art)

It occurred to me that I should post the pieces that I used for my banner.

You may have seen this one or some like it around town. They were done by an artist named Federico Archuleta in 2010, and this particular piece is on the Mexic-Arte Museum at 5th and Congress.

Location: 419 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX

Hi, Jeremiah.

What Austin art blog would be complete without “Hi, How Are you?” It seemed fitting that this would be the first featured piece.

Back in 1993 the record store, Sound Exchange, commissioned the musician Daniel Johnston to do a mural of his 1983 album cover, which featured the, now famous, “Hi, How Are You” frog (also known as “Jeremiah the Innocent”).

Location: 2100 Guadalupe, Austin, TX


This blog is dedicated to showcasing art in Austin, Texas. I plan to post any artwork including my own, but the long-term goal of this site is to build a map of street art found around town. So, this is where you come in. I need help building a comprehensive map of all the street art in our fair city, so send images to my email:, or go to the Send me an Image page to link me to a pic and I’ll add it to the Art Map.