East 6th IBIZ District

This recently revitalized area of Austin has over 50 local businesses including bars like Shangri-la and Violet Crown, restaurants like Buenos Aries Cafe and Rio Rita and shops/services like Birds Barbershop and 6th Street Printing. It’s also a key part of our local art scene as it hosts the yearly East Austin Studio Tour (was Nov. 10-18 this year) where local artists open their studios to the public. Check out the video below for more info.

You can find his mural on the side of Buenos Aries Cafe at 6th and Waller. It was commissioned through a partnership among local businesses to keep the area beautiful and turn it into a “green light district.” More on that can be found at Keep Austin Beautiful.

Photo by Crystal Ashmore (crystalashmore@gmail.com)

Photo by Terry Alexander via Flickr

Location: 6th and Waller

We… Doin’ Thangs

I thought I should take a break from posting about Castle Hill and give some other locations some love. I resisted spam blasting Facebook with a link to this blog but I finally did and it paid off because I ended up getting connected to someone who had just went around Austin taking great pics of street art (thanks to Erica letting me know about Crystal’s photos).

The piece below, done by artist Josh Row, is at the northwest corner of i-35 and 6th street.

Photo by Crystal Ashmore (crystalashmore@gmail.com)

Photo by wallyg via Flickr

Location: i-35 and 6th

Aoki and Mouf

While snapping pics at Castle Hill I see a bearded 30-something in an Obey jacket walks up with a dog, a paint bucket, a roll brush and a basket of spray paint bottles. He looks like he knows something about street art so I strike up a conversation and he tells me about all the big “writers” in the Austin area and the ones that have passed through and left their mark on Castle Hill. I realized that, considering his knowledge and the collection of paint he’s toting, he might be among the artists he had just named, so I asked him his street name and if he has any pieces at Castle Hill. He tells me to call him “Mouf” and starts claiming the most impressive pieces there as his. He works with another street artist called Lucas Aoki so they are the first two artists I’d like to feature from my visit to Castle Hill.

Location: 11th and Baylor St.

Castle Hill: Street Art Mecca

I went to Einstein’s the other day at 12th and Lamar, but couldn’t find a parking spot so I had to do some driving around. I ended up going up 11th to Baylor St…all I wanted was a place to park but I got so much more. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had stumbled upon the biggest collection of street art in Austin. In front of the castle on the hill, which by the way is owned by Dick Clark Architecture, sits the foundation of an abandoned condo project. Once referred to as “the Foundation” this site is now officially called “The Hope Outdoor Gallery Project.” Amazing graffiti by well-known “writers” such as Shepard Fairey (who created all the Obey images and Obama’s Hope poster) and Jasone.Co covers every inch of the multi-tiered concrete walls. I plan to dedicate the next few posts to featuring some of the artists and their pieces.



Photo by Crystal Ashmore

Location: 11th and Baylor St.

give up

Anyone know where this piece is so I can add it to the map?

Photo by o texano via Flickr

You may have seen this artist’s other stuff around town like this:

It looks like he has his own blog: http://ingivingup.blogspot.com/


The other piece that I used for my banner is from the Art City Austin festival held every year in April by Art Alliance Austin in the 2nd Street district near Austin City Hall (from Lavaca all the way to Lamar). In 2013 it’ll take place on April 13th and 14th.


’til death do us p(art)

It occurred to me that I should post the pieces that I used for my banner.

You may have seen this one or some like it around town. They were done by an artist named Federico Archuleta in 2010, and this particular piece is on the Mexic-Arte Museum at 5th and Congress.

Location: 419 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX